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OEM Integration

Want to keep your factory radio and still rock your world!?
No problem! AudioControl cures OEM interface headaches! Check out these OEM integration products from AudioControl that will help you build an awesome system using what you already have. 
Why OEM Integration?
"Today's factory radios are loaded with convenience features. Steering wheel controls, cell phone interfaces, and in-dash navigation make driving more enjoyable. However, these features prevent the replacement of stereo head units with those that are aftermarket ready, limiting your ability to upgrade and often forcing you to sacrifice convenience for great sound.
Keep the look of your OEM system 
Luckily, many AudioControl processors are designed for OEM integration. Speaker level inputs and line output converters allow you to add aftermarket amplifiers and processors to improve performance without giving up the convenience or look of your factory radio."

Hands-free and ticket-free


We don't want you to get a ticket, so don't forget about the 2014 Illinois hands-free driving laws. At ABC Automotive & Electronics, we can help make sure you're set for the road, and we have hands-free solutions for as low as $99.